Svenja Jochens

1. Vorsitzende

In my view animals have no lobby in our society, instead we have to create one for them.

For me it is only natural to help them and give them a voice in society.

It is important that we never step back or get tired of giving our strength and love to help them into a new life.

Margot Fischer

2. Vorsitzende

Since I am a holistic practitioner and animal communicator I create a base of understanding between Animals and Humans.

Trough my position and work with Animal Eden I feel the need to correct what my own human race has doing to them, for example through the Meat and Leather industries.

I try to find new homes for our dogs and cats where they can live in peace and happiness without ever experiencing fear or pain again. I advise and help these animals in their new families with nutrition guidelines, holistic treatments like homeopathy and simple every day challenges if needed.

My very personal focal point is to help animals towards the end of their life journey to pass in a natural way, in a loving environment.


Gudruns Bruns/ Press and Public Relations


Gudurn is a former TV and Radio Journalist who has committed herself fulltime to animal protection.

Gudrun Bruns


Selke Eichler


Ute Pletzack