Our Three Steps for Adoption


  • Finding the right Person

To adopt an animal means to be responsible for it for the rest of its life.

To make sure this will work, we have a lot of questions for you but we also offer a lot of help and experience to find the perfect match.

For us it is not important that you are not the first human in an animals live, but we want to make sure you are the last.



  • What your new family member needs

We provide you with help in choosing the right food and supplements for your new family member. Also, some animals might need a detox program and gradual change of a food plan because of poor life circumstances before.

It is important not to “overfeed” in the beginning. Some dogs might have only eaten bread for years and others may have lived on whatever they found in the street.

There body, as well as their soul need time to transform in their new loving homes. We also council you and your adoptee as to which training program is best to support your new family members skills.

Should you need financial assistance to cover surgeries etc. we are always there to help.


We cover the expense of their healthcare for you.


  • To Adopt an animal with special needs.

Cats and dogs, with severe illnesses and handicaps are always ranked n°1 on our adoption list. They have the least survival chances in their countries because of the lack of effort in medical service and daily care.

Should you choose to adopt one of these beings, we help you to understand what this animal needs and how to specially support their bodies.