Our Philosophy

Our Philosophy

Unser Vermittlungsansatz ist ganzheitlich:

The Vision of Animal Eden is to create a Garden of Eden, a Paradise where Animals and Humans (Beings) can coexist with love and respect for each other. Our understanding is that Humans have a natural responsibility to guard the sacred creation of animals, to protect them and to care for animals in need. We work as an international association carrying out rescue projects, neutering campaigns and we are also committed to taking care of dogs with cancer and disabilities in our loving facilities.

Our understanding of Animal Aid is that mistreated animals are never shown as victims of human behaviour towards them. Our rescued animals are not victims; they are beings in need for love and physical support to enter a new life.

We believe that the soul and body of an Animal heals best when we focus on its will to live, its natural curiosity to adapt to new circumstances and their ability to receive and give love even after surviving cruel situations.

There are individual characters looking for Families who love and respect them as they are.