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Animal Eden is financing all campaigns through donations.

These Donations are used to pay veterinay costs, neutering campaigns and costs of food and care for animals living with foster parents.


You think that animal aid should be based on equality of all species?

Support us in this thought and join Animal Eden. We need constant donations to support our campaigns and rescued animals.

5 Good Reasons to support our cause:

  • You want to make a difference for animals but you don´t have the time to act yourself
  • You believe that animal aid should not only be based on compassion but also on the acceptance of their equality
  • You feel the suffering of animals can only be ended by changing the perception of species
  • You support the long term aid of animal with cancer,  as well as elderly and handicaped animals and those in need of hospice care
  • You can join us and become a member by donating US$ 5 min per month

You are free to support any of our animals through a partial or full food sponsorship, by doing this, you will be automatically become a ANIMAL EDEN MEMBER:

You can cancel your sponsorship anytime.

Dog Full Food Sponsorship

US$ 80per month

Dog Partial Food Sponsorship

US$ 5-40 per month


Cat Full Food Sponsorship

US$ 40 per Month

Cat Partial Food Support

US$  5-20 per Month